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Stephen Aidoo Borsah popularly known as Sax Borsah, is a Ghanaian saxophonist, a song writer, composer and a music director at SOS Herman Gmeiner Primary School.

Stephen is not only a minister of the gospel but also an anointed saxophonist who is passionate about delivering the saving power of God’s presence to people from all walks of life through music. He is blessed with an extraordinary gift; listening to him play does not only soothe the soul but it inspires a longing that only God can satisfy.

Sax Borsah is set to release his first single dubbed “SAX IN WORSHIP”. In a dispensation when the world is plagued with all sorts of pestilences and crises that instigates fear and anxiety, it is important you are reminded of God’s love and absolute power to preserve your soul from falling victim.

God is raising an army, a generation of individuals who serve the world with doses of such reminders; Sax Borsah is worth hearing.
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