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Renowned Ghanaian media personality, Gifty Anti has explained why it is not wrong for her husband to cook for her.

In a long post on Facebook sighted by, Oheneyere Gifty said her husband doesn’t care to be at the kitchen despite his status as a Chief.

She disclosed that her husband’s decision of cooking for her is one of his love languages for her.

The veteran media personality indicated that her husband is not ashamed to even talk about cooking for her publicly.

“You know what, I just blocked somebody because she says she has a problem with me saying publicly on TGIF that my husband cooks for me. Smh.

In her view, my husband is a Chief so I shouldn’t be saying in public that he cooks for me because that is disrespecting my husband 😳 smh. Listen, my dear friends, if any of you have listened to my husband before, you will know that he says it himself that he cooks for me. You see, aside being a Chief, he is a man, a son, a husband, a father and a human being. He loves to cook and there is nothing, absolutely nothing demeaning about that. Cooking for me is one of his love languages for me,” she wrote.

Oheneyere Gifty added: “And by the way, if that woman knows and respects tradition so much, she should have known that you don’t criticize or advise a chief’s wife in public 🙄😀. But of course, her worry is only about my husband 🤭. She knows what is good for my husband more than me. Well, I will always say it with pride that my husband cooks for me. What does your husband do for you my dear woman?

Shalom Be proud of it and praise him publicly for it. Even Jesus washed the feet of His disciples.”

She is married to Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Chief of Akwamu Adumasa.


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