We rob and kill for top politicians – Ex armed robber confesses 


– Ex-armed robber has revealed that some political figures are behind the illicit sale of small arms

– Over 3 million small arms and weapons are said to be in circulation across the country

It has emerged that some powerful forces in government are helping armed robbers acquire illicit arms and guns.

The trade in illicit arms and small guns remains one of the pressing security concern in the country as armed robbers and other offenders are feared to be using these weapons not just to arm themselves against the police but also to cause immense harm to civilians. This revelation was made known by an armed robber turned pastor – Agya Yaw Yeboah – who has revealed that most of the guns are supplied by politicians and lawyers to the leaders of the robbery gang in Ghana, who later get their share of the booty after the ‘operation’.

“We have some top government officials who supply guns to US. We give them their share after the robbery. I have been in this for long and I know how this works. I can say about half the guns supplied to robbers is done by some top government officials,” Agya Yaw revealed on Kofi TV.

One of the major issues confronting security in Ghana has been with the unfortunate issue of illicit trade of small arms and weapons as the Ghana police service reveals that over a million of small arms are currently in the possession of Ghanaians.

Just recently, the National Commission for Small Arms and Light Weapons demanded for legislative reviews that help to control the sale and registration of guns in the country as board chairman of the commission, Rev. Dr. Paul Frimpong-Manso, says the Commission has become a mere rubber stamp for gun and arms purchases.

Source: kofi tv,yen.com.gh



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