Prince Mackay is an ungrateful human being – Sally Frimpong


Sally Frimpong an entertainment critic has taken the CEO of Big Events Ghana, Prince Mackay to the cleaners. She has described him as an ungrateful human being and one who appears not to appreciate the good done him by others.

Sally was reacting to Prince Mackay’s attack on her following her submission on the Pundits show hosted by George Quaye on GH One TV.

Prince Mackay had expressed his displeasure at the way and manner his Deputy Communications Officer for the awards scheme was treated on the last week’s edition of the show.

The CEO of Big Events Ghana said a show that was supposed to be cordial turned to be a cross-examination for his Deputy PRO adding, the host and his panelists deliberately attacked, denigrated and rubbished the scheme that has won a good reputation over the years.

However, reacting to Mackay’s submission, Sally expressed shock at him and wondered why he will make such comments. She revealed that Prince Mackay after the show on Tuesday sent a message and said ‘’shame on you [Sally].

I sent a message back and asked why he made that comment but he never replied back. I sent another message and even called to ask if I said anything he was not happy about so I apologize but he failed to respond.’’ She added it’s rather unfortunate that Prince wants us to go on and speak about unnecessary issues. Anyone who knows my track record in Ghana can attest to the fact that, I don’t go about destroying a brand I’m a part of.

It is not necessary. You never be scorned of something you’ve been part of… I want to tell Prince that I’ve been part of this for 3 years. I was a protocol for him. I was carrying chairs for his guests to sit on.

He is not above me in any shape or form. If a married woman like myself can carry chairs for your guests to sit on and today you claim I am trying to rubbish your awards scheme, there is nothing more for me to say.

All I can say is that, anybody who doesn’t recognize what people have done for him; will not prosper in anything you do…If he cannot remember what I have done for him in the past, then there is nothing more to say.

I am surprised that the show has generated so much controversy. His Deputy PRO was not speaking right. There was an action before what happened and so I am surprised people have ignored that.

I will tell Prince Mackay that being an ungrateful person doesn’t pay.



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