Laptops for teachers not inferior – MoE to critics

Written by on November 16, 2021

The Ministry of Education has debunked allegations that the laptops acquired for teachers across the country are inferior.

The Ministry said they know what is best for the Ghanaian teacher adding that “we know the value and the contribution of our teachers towards quality education and the things we need to supply to be able to put out the best in shaping the thought and destiny of this country.”

The Ministry also explained that every step of the way through the acquisition due diligence was done to procure the laptops for the teachers.

“Every process which needed to be followed throughout the procurement before the certification for it to be used in this country was duly followed. As we speak the machine is in use and nobody is complaining of its quality and how efficient the machine is. It is as good as any machine that can be found on the market.

“So these are things that are cropping up and as I indicated to you on the exact date, we will have our day in court and all other facts will be made available to the court and the good people of Ghana will get to hear it,” the Public Relations Officer, Kwasi Obeng-Fosu reiterated in an interview.

Two Trade Unions within the Educational Sector, Innovative Teachers, and All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG), have jointly dragged the Ghana Education Service (GES), the Attorney-General, and the Ministry of Education to court over the procurement of laptops for teachers.

The Unions are alleging that the company the Ministry of Education has contracted to provide the 1 teacher 1 laptop lacks the capacity to deliver.

According to them, teachers deserve the best, adding that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration did the same with the RLG Company which seems to suggest that politicians want substandard products for the ordinary Ghanaian.

“In Law the Ministry of Education ought to have inspected that company on who they are before awarding the contract. We are not the ones to educate the Ministry of Education as to what the proper thing to do. So when people do some of these things they know what their intentions are.

“For us, we went searching for their documentation and we discovered that they don’t have the capacity to enter into a contract and that is why we are in court. It is in the interest of all the teachers in Ghana. We have been disrespected in the country for so long and we also deserve the best,” the Founder for ATAG, Stephen Ayens.

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