Anyidoho’s expulsion undemocratic and unfair – Political Scientist

Written by on August 3, 2021

A Political Scientist at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Abass Mohammed has described as immature the action taken by the opposition NDC to expel its former deputy general secretary Koku Anyidoho.

It comes after Koku Anyidoho wrote to the party’s general secretary Asiedu Nketia to give him a copy of his expulsion letter.

Abass Mohammed said the decision to expel Koku Anyidoho was undemocratic.

“The party actually must demonstrate maturity. It must show a lot of rationality and seriousness in the way it handles matters of this nature. Yes, it is true that the party will want to ensure some discipline in how they do their things, how members conduct themselves but this attempt to ensure discipline must not be misinterpreted or misperceived as the party being anti and above and beyond criticism.”

“Because that is what democracy is about. Democracy encourages critiquing, democracy encourages alternate views no matter how radical or different those views are.”

Abass Mohammed also added that the NDC has not been fair to their former deputy general secretary.

He noted, “people who perceive the NDC as not being fair to him, to a large extent I think will have a point and will also have the followers and will also have a strong argument.”

“So, yes people can argue clearly that he has been treated unfairly because, the obligation is on the party to show clearly that what they have done to him is just and fair, they have not been able to demonstrate that clearly.”

He added “it is surrounded by a whole lot of confusion, and misunderstanding here and there. So, yes if people argue that he has been treated unfairly, I think that they have a strong point and they have a strong argument.

Story By: Bernard Kofi Sekyi/Gpower Radio

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