Never belittle the hard work of others because of your favourite artiste – Kidi warns

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Some fans in their pursuit to lift their favorite musicians above others go to the extent of making unconstructive comparisons.

In doing so, they always try to belittle the effort of other musicians.

Well, Lynx Entertainment signee, Kidi says there’s nothing bad about wanting the best for your favorite musician.

However, belittling the hard work of others in the process is highly unacceptable.

Some social media users since the release of The VGMA nominations have criticized the work of the VGMA board and that of other artistes because they believe their artistes should be given the nod.

Reacting to this in a tweet, Kidi said “Its perfectly okay to want your fave artiste to win… However, To belittle another artiste’s hard work to make your point is NOT it”.


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