Kylie Jenner’s Nude Pics: Timed Release To Take Attention Away From Taylor Swift’s Kimye Feud


Kylie Jenner is using her hot nude spread for ‘V’ magazine to take some of the heat off Kim Kardashian after Taylor Swift’s Kimye diss song. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details on how she purposefully moved up the release date.

Hey world, look away from Taylor Swift and her awesome new Kanye West/Kim Kardashian diss track “Look What You Made Me Do” because Kylie Jenner is showing off her nipples in  a major way! The 20-year-old has done her best to provide a distraction by unveiling her racy “nearly nude” spread for V magazine. She’s hoping that flashing her headlights will grab attention away from Taylor and on to her most racy photoshoot ever, and yes the timing is intentional that the photos dropped just hours after Tay’s single on Aug. 25.

“It was no accident that Kylie dropped these nude today, this is the family’s way of taking some of the attention off Taylor. The hard copy of the magazine doesn’t hit stands for another week and she was originally going to share her nudes on social the same day as the magazine comes out. But then they found out about Taylor releasing this diss track and immediately started looking at every possible way to control the situation,” a Kardashian insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

The entire world is completely obsessed with all things Taylor after the 27-year-old singer dropped her scathing yet incredibly catchy “Look What You Made Me Do. The song is already so huge its the theme song for ABC’s Thursday night TGIT show lineup, in ESPN’s college football coverage promos, and her face is plastered everywhere from the side of UPS trucks to the NYC subway. She is EVERYWHERE right now and since Kimye hasn’t responded to the massive shade thrown their way in the tune, Ky is using her total lack of modesty as a way to draw some attention back towards the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

“They knew Taylor was going to come for Kim and Kanye and that all eyes would be on them today. Putting out Kylie’s nudes today is their attempt to take the attention off Kim’s feud with Taylor and put it on something more positive. Kylie was more than happy to help out, she’s always got Kim’s back,” our source adds. So Kylie’s front has Kim’s back! Well, that’s definitely a uniquely Kar-Jenner way of generating family buzz by showing off their private parts to get attention!


source: Hollywoodlife



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