Hearts of Oak wants government to financially support Ghana Football as Covid-19 plunges clubs into abyss of ‘financial ruin’


Chief Executive officer of Accra Hearts of Oak, Frederick Moore wants government to place Ghana Football on top of its priority list in regards sectors that need support amid the Corona Virus outbreak.

Government has set up a Covid-19 fund which will help finance the battle against the novel Corona Virus disease. The fund will be used to cater for the various needs of government and supporting agencies/organizations.

This includes but not limited to helping resource the less privileged in these times, and also resourcing and incentivising the several frontline health workers and volunteers.

Football just like other sectors has been hard hit following the outbreak of the Covid-19. Almost all competitions worldwide have been postponed with the situation not different here in the country.

As clubs and administrators begin to count their losses, arguments have been made about how to ameliorate their financial situation.

As part of ways to help address this, Hearts Chief Fred Moore, wants government to make Ghana football a top priority; as a major beneficiary of the funds.

“I think football should be one of the first beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Fund because football is one of the few activities which when it is going on well really projects both happiness and economic growth. Secondly, every company struggling now would need some support but we (Ghana Football) have got a double one so if anybody should need support we should be number one”.

“One of the key roles of any government is to provide security, health and education for its citizenry. This is a medical emergency that is happening to the whole world, it is beholdeth on the government to provide that security for us. My argument is that football is one of the few things that cut across the whole nation.

“Can you imagine if football in Ghana is strong and we win the African Cup again or we go to the World Cup and get the final what economic development, the buzz and the happiness that will come to Ghana? That is what we have to be looking for when we are investing”, he concluded.


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