Ghanaian Man, Daniel, Abandoned Wife And Family In USA To Marry Another Lady In Ghana


Many men and women use social media to cheat on their partners while others are using the same platform to expose them.  Facebook has thousands of revelations when it comes to relationships. 

Daniel’s first legal wife

One revelation pops up on the social media of a Ghanaian man who abandoned his legal married wife and children in the United State of America to have a second marriage in Ghana without the consent of the legal wife.

Residing in another country without proper documentation becomes illegal which one can face deportation. Due to that, Daniel’s wife sponsored the husband with her legal documents to cover him to gain more American opportunities and avoid legal battles from the government.  It also became known that the wife sponsored him to pursue his Master’s degree to avoid paying international education fees. 


Daniel’s second legal wife

Daniel’s sister-in-law took social medial to expose him and his new wife by writing up that,  the man in question is legally married and they have reported his decision and actions to the law of America. 

Below are the post and the pictures : 

Image may contain: text that says 'Watch out!! Pls if anyone knows this lady tell her she just got married to my sister's husband. Daniel is been Married in American NJ since 2011. Their baby girl just turned 1. He went visiting Ghana for just 4weeks! My sister gave him Residential permits, sponsored his Master's degree! We Are Not Sitting Still. We will all lose TOGETHER. There is Law in America. Tell them USA Immigration Services had been duly informed Kindly us reach her!.'



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