Former Inter Allies midfielder Isaac Twum ‘cries’ over 75% salary cut


Often times, most footballers smile to the bank, but the case looks quite different for those who play for Norwegian side IK Start.

In a bid to cut down on expenditure as CoronaVirus continues to plague the world and cripple economies, IK Start has decided to slash salaries of staff by 75%.

Affected by this development is Ghanaian player Isaac Twum. The former Inter Allies midfielder shared his lamentation in an interview.

According to him, this is devastating but he concedes it has to happen.

“My club has decided to reduce our salary by 75%. Just yesterday, I received a message from our management that our wages will be cut down due to lack of football activities”.

“It is not easy at all but it has to happen that way because we’ve been off following the outbreak of the disease. In fact, the disease has caused a lot of havoc in the world, so we pray we get rid of it so we can continue with our activities.

‘This salary cut will put a lot of pressure on we the players because we also have people to take care of back home,” he lamented.

Several clubs worldwide have implemented salary cuts/deferrals in order to continue to stay in business as the implications of Corona Virus continues to bite hard.


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