Florence Obinim pronounces Ecclesiastes wrong.


The Obinims have been trending for all the wrong reasons recently. While news of Bishop Daniel Obinim’s arrest and a possible trial makes headlines these past few days, Florence Obinim pronounces Ecclesiastes and goes viral for getting it all wrong

Florence Obinim was captured on tape saying ‘Heblues’ instead of Hebrews and carried the troll of the day crown with Ghanaians making a mockery of her because of her unacceptable blunder.

A recent excerpt from a bible study session led by the wife of Bishop Daniel Obinim, shows her struggle to pronounce Ecclesiastes which is a book of the Bible.

Instead of Ecclesiastes, she said Ekristiensis. Netizens believe that they can comprehensively say that Florence Obinim’s ‘Heblues’ blunder was no mistake and that she possibly has a problem with pronunciation and differentiating between the letters ‘l’ and ‘r’.

It seems Mrs. Florence Obinim is likely to be made ‘donkey of the day’ once again with people trolling her left, right and center for her awkward pronunciation.


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