They are creating borla songs– Ras Kuuku

Written by on August 12, 2021

Ras Kuuku is not happy about the hype recent local musicians enjoy regardless of the mediocre songs they churn out.

According to him, most musicians are not creating good songs that can buy them social currency…therefore have resorted to riding on hype to stay relevant.

This shade from the 2020 VGMA Reggae/Dancehall Artiste comes in the wake of the social media brawl between rapper Amerado and Obibini where they are trying to outdo each other in their individual quest for supremacy.

Ras Kuuku, in a tweet, described the songs been churned out in recent times as “foolish”. He feels apart from hype, most local musicians or artists are unable to create sings that will last a lifetime where many will trace their footprints in the music industry through the capsule of time.

An infuriated Ras Kuuku wrote:

Borla songs and Borla artists claiming legends. They can’t do good music that’s why they depend on borla hype. Foooolish and useless music you doing for the kids of today and the next generation. Most High is watching. 

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