Cosmetic surgery is a sin – Nana Agradaa

Written by on July 16, 2021

Repented fetish priestess Naa Agradaa, now known as Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, says undergoing plastic surgery to enhance one’s looks is a sin.

In her view, the scientific procedure should not be encouraged because it’s a sign of insult and ingratitude to God.

Agradaa in an interview said that “patronizing a plastic surgery procedure that removes extra fat from the body to enhance your body contouring is like telling God he didn’t create you well which is ungratefulness. Liposuction is a sin.”

The born-again spiritualist intimated that people are doing liposuction due to fornication and adultery, but don’t consider the serious risks and complications it poses to the body.

Mrs Asiedua also advised young women to desist from exposing essential parts of their bodies when they dress up.

She further asked that her old name, ‘Nana Agradaa,’ not be used again. She will however prefer Mama Pat or simply Agradaa.

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