Elikem Kumordzie Excited Over Gov’t’s Mandatory Quarantined Obviously Because Of Free Meals & Paid Hotel Bills

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Elikem Kumordzie has been caught up in Ghana Government’s mandatory quarantine of 14 days with testing for all travellers who arrive at the Kotoka International Airport.

Elikem Kumordzie who probably embarked on a “F sugar mommy” tour was forced by the new law and got quarantined upon his arrival at the Kotoka International Airport.

Elikem Kumordzie isn’t worried about the 14 days of mandatory quarantine with testing because all expenses; hotel bills and food have been taking care of by the Ghana government with taxpayers money.

And you know Elikem Kumordzie likes cheap things right? So he’s happy about the 14 days mandatory quarantine and posting videos on his Instagram page for fun.

Elikem posted his signed mandatory quarantine letter or notice and then wrote happily wrote;

“This just in. I’m stuck here for another 10 days 😅. Its ok though as long as we all observe self quarantine as well if we feel like we have symptoms, let’s all do what ever it takes to eradicate this pandemic from our Country.”

Once the government is footing the bills for 14 days, Elikem Kumordzie is okay with it. Let the tables turn and then see how he will scream and escape from quarantine.

On his first day of his quarantine, he wrote; “I’m in isolation. DAY 1

kudos to @nakufoaddo for taking the initiative. it’s better late than never. more drastic measures are needed please”.

For the next 11 days or so, Elikem Kumordzie won’t spend on food and drinks. It’s actually a great feeling to be quarantined by the government of Ghana in this coronavirus season.


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