Dare me and I will reveal all your secrets- Coach Mambo warns AshantiGold management


Former Assistant coach of Ashantigold Yakubu Sherrif Mambo has dared the management of Ashantigold that he will reveal all their secret if they continue to lie about him in public.

Mambo was demoted from Assistant coach role to serve as the youth development coach after the club suffered a 6-1 defeat against WAFA in the Ghana Premier League, but the coach has since hasn’t set foot at the club training grounds since his demotion on March 12.

In an interview, on why he failed to assume his new position, the coach stated the club haven’t given him any letter to that effect and he will only return to training after getting the letter from the management.

According to him, the club brought him a query letter and has replied them upon receiving the letter.

“Dr. Kwaku Frimpong told me to step aside from the senior team and told me a letter will be given me to take charge of the youth team and I’m yet to receive that letter so how come they query me for not training with the youth”

“Whether I tore the Query letter into pieces or not, I replied to them (Ashanti Gold management) after receiving it. They have noticed that the content of my reply is very serious. Should the management dare me, I will reveal all the secret of the club”

But Public Relations Officer for  Ashantigold Daniel Bioh in a response to  coach Mambo, insisted there is no need for the club to give him another appointment letter because the contract the club has with him is that he’s to serve as the youth development coach.


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