COVID-19 : The Second Prophetic Lesson-HONOUR ALL MEN

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(Respect and Value Everyone)
* 1 Pet 2:17

* The second lesson that I believe God wants us to learn from this pandemic is the fact that, every human being has the same value in the sight of God. He fearfully and wonderfully created everyone in His own image and likeness (Gen 1: 27, Ps 139: 14) and Jesus died on the cross for everyone and one fate awaits everyone which is death and judgement (Heb 9:27)

* It’s amazing how human beings have tried to devalue and dishonour other human beings created in God’s image simply on the basis of gender, race, wealth, social standing, age or experience.

* Since the outbreak of this virus, nobody is really discriminating or talking about who is a man or woman, young or old, white or black, rich or poor because the virus is no respector of persons-it is affecting everyone. It has humbled everyone and we are all believing God for a quick solution. This virus is a leveller.

* All of a sudden, this virus has made us realise that we need each other. You may never be able to tell who God can use to bless or deliver you. God honours and uses everyone.

* One major lesson God will want us to learn is to value and respect every single life and honour everyone irrespective of what they have, who they are or where they come from.

By: Dr Solomon Odemey


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