Compilation of new register to blame for postponement of 2020 census – Statistical Service

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The Ghana Statistical Service has cited the pending compilation of a new voters’ register as one of the reasons for the postponement of the 2020 population and housing census.

Government Statistician, Professor Samuel Annim explained that the census would require a period of reduced mobility of persons hence the need to allow the EC to complete its exercise.

The Electoral Commission has announced a tentative date of between April and May to compile a new voter’s register amidst stiff opposition by some political parties and civil society groups.

Prof. Annim believes the census period spanning June to July, should also help the EC have access to some data to be captured which will be relevant for a complete voters’ register for the 2020 general elections.

“From our perspective, when we are doing the enumeration, we exclude activities within the diplomatic nations. And from our operational perspective, we’ve allowed for a two-week gap for the end of the voter registration exercise and the start of the lifting of structures. And indeed with the window for the lifting of structures, because we’re not going to enumerate persons, we also consider that as a window to ensure that the voter registration exercise will not adversely impact on the census activity.”

“From the data merge point of view, definitely the two activities will have the two agencies sitting together to see how data from the census would inform the data that we need for our electoral processes,” he said.

2020 census rescheduled to June 28

The Ghana Statistical Service has for a while now been going back and forth about the date for this year’s population and housing census.

However, in the most recent development, it announced June 28 as the new date to commence the national headcount.

According to the Service, processes including the recruitment of field personnel and other persons required for the census are underway ahead of the commencement of the exercise.


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