Times are good: Nana Addo moves on from Kalyppo to Happy Delight fruit juice

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Few weeks to the elections in 2016, a picture of the President who was then just a flagbearer of his party drinking Kalyppo in his car emerged on Social Media, something the then incumbent NDC wanted to use to mock him but supporters of NPP turned things around when they all started what became known as the ‘Kalyppo Challenge’

The purpose of that challenge was to create a narrative that, there was nothing wrong with older people drinking it as well, as the perception has been that, it’s something made for just kids.

The trend lasted for weeks on social media, with top party executives even joining in on the challenge to support the president.

Fast forward to 2018, a new photo of the President sipping in on some Happy Delight Fruit Juice has popped up on social media. In the photo, the president looks relaxed as he holds on to his almost empty glass of chilled Happy Delight Fruit juice.

We doubt the president was aware someone was taking a picture of him, enjoying his Happy delight fruit juice.

This new photo has started trending on social media, with some suggesting that times are good for the president, so he’s graduated from Kalyppo to something bigger.

Nana Akufo Addo even before becoming president was doing ‘OK’ in life so could have afforded any expensive drink he wanted.

We are thinking it could be a subtle endorsement from the President or the person who took the photo made a promise to somebody to get a picture of the president sipping in on some Happy Delight Fruit Juice.


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