The countries making the most money from weapons sales

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Slide 3 of 32: The world's 10th biggest exporter of heavy weapons, Italy sold $660 million (£508m) worth at constant 1990 prices last year according to SIPRI. The Italian government hasn't released total arms sales data for 2017, but the nation's weapons exports have been on the rise.

Slide 4 of 32: Leonardo, formerly Finmeccanica, is Italy's largest defense company. The Rome-headquartered firm, which is partly owned by the Italian government, reported bumper revenues of $13.1 billion (£10.2bn) last year. Other major players include Beretta, Benelli and Fincantieri.
Slide 5 of 32: Over the past five years, Italy's biggest client has been the UAE, which accounted for 12% of all arms sales, followed by Turkey and Algeria. Italian weapons exports to the UAE and Saudi Arabia have drawn particular criticism. Last December, the New York Times revealed that the Saudi-led coalition had used Italian-made bombs to target civilians in Yemen.
Slide 6 of 32: Spain's heavy weapons exports last year amounted to $814 million (£630m) at constant 1990 prices, while government-released figures show total arms sales hit $4.9 billion (£3.8bn) at current prices, an increase of 7.3% from 2016.
Slide 10 of 32: Defense companies in the country are entirely state-owned. China South Industries Group (CSGC) is the nation's largest, followed by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and Norinco.
Slide 11 of 32: China sells the bulk of its weaponry to countries in Asia. Over the past five years, Pakistan has been its leading client, accounting for 35% of all arms exports. The runner-up, Bangladesh, accounted for 19%.
Slide 12 of 32: Next up is the Netherlands. The EU nation's heavy weapons exports last year totaled $1.2 billion (£928m) at constant 1990 US dollar prices, a massive increase compared to 2016 when the figure was just $471 million (£364m).
Slide 13 of 32: The country's chief defense companies, which include Thales Nederland and the Damen Group, excel in cutting-edge naval defense systems, combat land vehicles and military aircraft.
Slide 14 of 32: Jordan is Dutch companies' main client. Controversially, the Middle Eastern nation, which is part of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, acquired 15 Dutch F-16 aircraft last year. The next most important customer is Indonesia, followed by the US. Both countries have bought Damen naval ships.
Slide 15 of 32: Last year, the UK exported heavy weapons that amounted to $1.2 billion (£928m) at constant 1990 US dollar prices. Research from the UK Defence Security Organisation shows that British defense companies secured exports valued at $11.6 billion (£9bn) at current prices in 2017.
Slide 16 of 32: BAE Systems is the UK's leading defense company by a long-shot. In fact, the firm, which turned over $23.7 billion (£18.3bn) last year, is one of the biggest arms manufacturers on the planet. Other top British defense companies include Britten-Norman and Cobham.
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