Sandra Ankobiah shades Delay over aeroplane photo


Whoop … This month began with hot spicy beef. Sandra Ankobiah armed with social media is coming for Delay’s throat, so grab your popcorn and enjoy.

This unfolding even is a classic case of social media never forgets. So Sandra Ankobiah shared a post in which a Twitter user took Delay to the cleaners.

According to the Twitter user, who commented under a pic Delay took of herself inside a plane, Delay called Sandra a ‘village’ when the later did a similar post.

So how come today Delay is the one flaunting her airplane experience on social media.

The Twitter user’s comment translated to English goes as, “@delayghana you said it is uncouth for @sandraankobiah to photograph her first class experience in an airplane for Facebook.

But as for today, you have uploaded photographs of yourself in a plane on Facebook. So who is the uncouth one here?”

My dear readers, the question still remains. Who is the ‘villager’ here?


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