Prophet Nigel Gaisie Is Telling Lies, The Glass Was Broken Seven To Eight Months Ago – Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s Landlord Exposes Him

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Abdul Razak Amissah, popularly known as Zack, who is also the manager of Kumawood actor and a musician Kwadwo Nkansah, was reported arrested on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 by Ghana Mile 7 police. Zack in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani disclose Nigel Gaisie was the one who called for his arrest and directed his associate pastor to lodge a complaint against him., following up with the story, learnt that, Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s complaint against Zack was that,  Zack’s attendance at his church on that particular Sunday brought fear and panic to him and his church member, plus he broke a glass door at his church premises. Due to the complaint filed against him, Zack was arrested upon responding to police invitation and been granted a bail as police continues their investigation.

On Thursday, 25 April 2019, Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s landlord post a voice audio on Whatapp to a Facebook blogger, Ideas Man, explaining the report that Prophet Nigel and his associate pastor made against Zack at the police station to be false. He further explains the glass is broken for more that eight to nine month.

” Please My name is Yaw Appau, I am the landlord at Mile 7 where Prophet Nigel Gaisie practice his worship. They have called me to ask me about the broken glass. I am saying to glorify God and will say the truth. The glass is broken long time, about eight months to Seven months by now. When I saw, I ask Mr. Tamaklo, the elder of the church, the man who is the head of ECG at Dome station. I asked him, Mr. Tamaklo, why have you guys broken my glass and have not fix it, what happen ? then he told me,  when they were transferring some chairs downstairs, then the glass got broken. So they will fix it. So is broken long long time. Ab) dadadada”. Landlord speaks.

Mr. Appau concluded that, Zack has nothing to do with the broken glass and is a false case Nigel Gaisie and his associate pastor is making against him.

It is alleged some lawyers has volunteer to represent Zack in court.



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