Only 1.5 million of six million Ghanaians pay taxes

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It has emerged that out of the six million Ghanaians who should be paying taxes, only 1.5 million pay.

The situation, over the years, is affecting the provision of social amenities to better the lives of the citizenry.

The only way out, according to a tax consultant Kweku Agyei Nyamekye, is for government to intensify its public education on tax.

Speaking on Adom FM’s anti-corruption segment, Fabewoso Wednesday, he underscored the need for increased awareness among Ghanaians on tax issues; enhance their understanding and appreciation of the importance of taxes and the benefits to national development.

He said the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) would meet its revenue collection target if the public became aware of their moral and civic responsibility in the system.

Mr Nyamekye said the education should be focused on the informal sector since it is the largest in terms of operators, constituting about 70 percent of the national economy, but its contribution to revenue stood at about two percent.

He stressed that the revenue mobilization for national development is not the duty of only one institution but it is a shared responsibility of all Ghanaians.



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