Ofosu Ampofo storms Police headquarters with Tony Lithur, others


The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has finally honored the invitation of the Police CID over the leaked audio tape involving him.

Mr. Ofosu-Ampofo went to the Police headquarters in the company of senior lawyers, some of whom, served in the erstwhile Mahama administration.

It comes after reports that the Police were seeking an arrest warrant to go after the NDC chair following his failure to report himself on two different occasions.

In the leaked audio, Mr. Ofosu-Ampofo told party communicators that “we’re going to take her [EC boss] to the cleaners.”

“As for the EC chair, we must wage a relentless war on this EC chair. Me, she doesn’t want to see my face,” Ofosu-Ampofo allegedly said at the meeting which took place after the Ayawaso by-election.

As part of strategic communication plans for the NDC going into the 2020 elections, Ofosu-Ampofo also gave his blessings for the communicators to verbally attack the Peace Council chairman Professor Emmanuel Asante.

A statement by the Police CID said Mr. Ofosu-Ampofo must report at the CID Headquarters in Accra on Thursday to help with investigations.

However, commenting on the storm that followed the leak, the former Eastern regional minister told NDC supporters in Accra Saturday that he meant no harm.

“…I want to assure you that I am a man of peace, and my hands are clean. I have been in politics for many years, there’s no evidence I have won my victory through violence or spoken against anybody. I want to remain focused, the NDC wants to remain focused. We will win the election freely, fairly and clearly.”

Meanwhile, former President John Mahama has defended the comments saying it was not a declaration of attack on the Peace Council chair but a call for members of the NDC to criticize him.

“… In the circumstances, I mean, of course, for our Chairman, who had witnessed the violence – the guy whose leg was shot, the bone had shattered and the bone fragments were lying on the ground – anybody who saw it will be traumatized. And, so, if a few days after he [Ofosu-Ampofo] was talking and said: ‘we should attack the Peace Council Chairman’, he didn’t mean we should go and beat the Peace Council Chairman, he meant that we should criticize him”.


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