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The manager of late highlife musician Anokye Supremo, Isaac Kobina Zakk, has revealed that he gave him his last words before dying in India. 

According to Zakk, those words were delivered by Anokye Supremo just before he was taken to the theatre to be operated on. 

The manager said the words were: “Take your country Ghana, a country that does not offer support.” 

He explained that Anokye had hinted of writing a new song after he has had successful surgery, and those words were part of the lyrics to be used in that song. 

“I want to disclose to you and your listeners today, before Anokye was taken to the theatre that day, he told me he has a song he wants to sing so I should record and the message in the song says ‘Take your country Ghana, a country that does not offer support’,” Zakk said. 

According to him, he asked Anokye Supremo why he sung that song and he responded that he does not know if he would make it after the surgery. 

Zakk said he encouraged Anokye that he would definitely make it. 

He added that Anokye gave him a message to be given to two young Ghanaian musicians, and so he would do that when he finally touches down. 

Zakk was reportedly speaking in an interview with Onua FM about the arrangements made so far to bring Anokye Supremo’s body to Ghana. 

He disclosed that through some benevolent Ghanaians, he has been able to pay for the hospital bills, mortuary bills, and the airline fare to bring the mortal remains of Anokye Supremo to Ghana. 

The rising hiplife star died while undergoing a brain tumour surgery in India. 

He started with the name Daddy Lumba (DL) Junior but later changed to Anokye Supremo after his mentor Daddy Lumba filed a lawsuit against him for claiming to be his son and also impersonating him to take gifts from people.

Anokye Supremo’s tumour in the head made him lose his sight in his left eye.

The doctors in Ghana recommended that he be taken to India for surgery but it took a lot of time for money to be raised before he was taken to India. 

Probably, it was because of this experience that Anokye Supremo wanted to write a song with the lyrics “Take your country Ghana, a country that does not offer support.” 

The manager said he would be in Ghana with Anokye’s body in the afternoon on Monday, February 11, 2019, and so Ghanaians should expect them.


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