Nayas Recorded Me For Speaking The Truth About Ernest – Ernest Opoku Jr’s Girlfriend, Mary

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Nayas, Ernest, Mary

Gospel musician Ernest Opoku Jr,  instead of pleasing Jesus Christ as a follower, he is always in the news disgracing himself over fornication plus leading his girlfriend to abort pregnancies. 

Ernest Opoku’s current girlfriend Mary, breaks the news of three abortions she had with the gospel musician in a secret recorded conversation  with Ernest Opoku’s ex girlfriend.  She also reveals that, the gospel musician uses ancestral gods to curse her.  This was due to a  misunderstanding that the gospel musician accusing her of having extra sexual affair with another man. She also added that, the gospel musician is going through mental illness that needs immediate psychiatric attention.  She thought of calling the mother of the Ernest.

Below is the audio:

After Mary exposing Ernest Opoku’s, she then hit back with a video enforcing that, yes Is true, she is in a relationship with Ernest Opoku, which his current state is not normal. Mary thought Nayas, who is the ex-girlfriend of the gospel musician is the best person to consult and told Nayas every truth of her relationship crisis she is facing with Ernest.

According to her, ever since Nayas opened her mouth that she will never forgive Ernest, the musician is hitting mental stage that needs immediate attention and might be the cause of Ernest current state.  After giving a thought of it, she thought of sending an  apology and solve issues with Nayas for  Ernest to gain back his normal stage.

 Aggressively, made a second video, stating if Ernest is what Nayas wants, she should have him and let her be.

Can someone tell this Ernest Opoku's girlfriend to just zip it. She has already cause the worse damage of Ernest life time, so what is this noise making?

Posted by Nana Konadu BerimaTweneboakodua on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ernest, Yaa Mary and Nayas atinka . Ernest Opoku's current girlfriend coming out .Music by : Evangelist IK Aning .

Posted by Nana Konadu BerimaTweneboakodua on Tuesday, February 12, 2019



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