My Wife Was Mentally Defective Because Of Obinim And His Wife Florence Obinim – Prophet One Blow

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr +, earlier reported a private recorded conversation between Bishop Obinim and Prophet Kingsley Baah also known as One Blow, after Reverend Obofour Antwi gave out a Range Rover Evoque 2019 and a plot of land located at Atomic Junction plus 5000 Ghana cedis to Prophet Kingsley Baah.

Through the conversation, it was learned Obinim seem not to be happy about the gift given to Prophet One Blow. It was also alleged Obinim recorded the private conversation between the two and later sent the audio out to the public including posting it on his church YouTube channel.

Obinim made a video explaining it was through his wife Florence Obinim, that got him connected with Prophet One Blow. He also in his video sad to have bought some car’s and instruments for One Blow before  separating from his church to go start his own ministry.

Many of Obinim’s followers are pointing fingers calling out One Blow to be ungrateful due to the explanation Obinim made in his videos. On Kofi TV on Wenesday 24 April, 2019, One Blow had one on one interview with Kofi, explaining his reason for discontinuing his membership from Bishop Obinim’s church.

According to One Blow, he willingly attended Obinim’s church through evangelism. After that, he attended a bible school before approaching Obinim with his bible school certificate and was later hired by Obinim at his church to be an associate pastor. One Blow repeated Obinim gave him a used car ( Range Rover) on 31st all-night service 2015. He said many of the church members that were present and can testify about it for it was also a on live recording. He spent most of his money in maintaining the car.

Due to the mechanical expenses to maintain the car,  he had to leave it for the mechanic.  He mentions was not using a car from 2016 to 2017 and said to be using a local taxi during his time at Obinim’s church. When asked by Kofi, if Obinim was aware of his car at the mechanic, he answered ” oh yes he was aware so Papa knew I did not have a car before leaving his church ” .

On 5th July 2017, according to One Blow, Obinim said Jesus spoke through him for him to go and establish his own church.  He was given a cheque which up until now the cheque is not approved by Obinim to be able to go cash and the car said to have given to him is still with Obinim. “So if I say I do not have a car, that is the meaning . God is my witness”. He also added that, he appreciates the car Rev. Obofour gave him as a gift.

He further added, he is not ungrateful for he served under Obinim for twelve years and left the church with nothing but he is grateful for the instruments that Obinim gave him and he thank him daily.

One Blow also explains there were lots of issues that he was facing at Obinim’s church.  Blow said his wife and himself were disgraced in the presence of some congregations which affected his wife mentally. This was due to a false allegation Florence Obinim made against his wife.

” My wife went naked on the street with only one piece of cloth . The following week, Obinim came to confess to the church members the allegation made against my wife was false. This is the covenant Obinim said is between us in the audio” .

Finally, he reveals of hearing Florence Obinim gossiping negatively about him with Bishop Obinim in his defense. After recording that conversation, he did a whatsapp audio to inform Obinim he overheard the issue and will not continue his service with him again. He also said to have played the audio for some associate pastor to hear.

Lastly, Prophet One Blow said Florence Obinim was their main reason for leaving Obinim’s church because she was over gossiping  which was causing confusion between herself and Bishop.

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