Kidi, Kuami Eugene disappointed about prophecies in public


Lynx entertainment signees Kidi and Kuami Eugene have expressed their disappointments with the manner in which the founder and leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry, Prophet Nigel delivered prophecies about them.

Prophet Nigel at his December 31, 2018 service predicted that 2019 would be a bad year for artistes Kidi, Kuami Eugene and Kwesi Arthur.

“This year 2019, the person called Kidi, this year is not a good year for him. Kuami Eugene is not a good year for him. Kwesi Arthur is not a good year for him,” he said.

But in an interview on Joy News, Kuami Eugene and Kidi said they would have preferred to have received the prophecies in person than to have it circulated all over social media.

“I don’t know about his orientation but I feel like prophecies are said to the people involved,” Kidi said.

Kuami Eugene noted he was not surprised about the prophecy because it is not his first.

“Someone told me I was going to die last year and I respected that because the person called me and told me about that prophecy. The person advised me on where I should go and where I shouldn’t,” he stated.

The Angela hitmaker who said he was contacted in 2018 about a prophecy, added he knows prophecies are told to people in person and added that the prophet could have made someone contact their management to deliver his message.

“If you are able to mention our names and you can tell everybody knows these guys, you would find someone and say ‘find those boys for me, they should come,”

Kuami Eugene stated he would have run to him to be delivered, saying, “For me, I would run, go to see him and say I need prayers for what you just said because I don’t want anything bad to happen to me. I went to church and prayed for God’s goodness and mercies on me,”.

The duo said the damage has already been done and as Christians, all they can do is to pray about it.

“I serve a living God who only reveals to redeem. I have been praying already and after I heard it, I prayed about, so if this is from God we are redeemed,” Kidi stated.

The Odo hitmaker also added he and his teammate (Kuami Eugene) had an amazing year in 2018 and will continue to focus on the important things in 2019.


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