Kate Middleton’s Pregnant: When Will She & Prince William Welcome Their Third Bundle Of Joy?


Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to become parents for a third time! After announcing Kate’s pregnancy on Sept. 4, when is the Duchess of Cambridge expected to give birth? Find out the details.

How exciting. Kate Middleton is pregnant once again! The 35-year-old member of the British royal family announced on Sept. 4 that she and Prince Prince William, 35, are expecting. Prince George, 4, and Princess Princess Charlotte, 2, will have a brand new sibling soon – but when? Well, with Kate understood to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, she’s expected to give birth no earlier than March 2018, according to the Daily Express. It’s possible that Kate gives birth to Baby No. 3 in April or May of 2018, depending just how far along she is.

Here’s hoping this new royal baby will have a day all to his or her own. Prince George was born on July 22 and Princess Charlotte was born on May 2. While it would have been neat if William and Kate’s third child shared a birthday with say, Queen Elizabeth II, 91, or Prince Charles, 68, it seems this bundle of joy will be born on a day all their own. While March or April may not be the most scenic months when it comes to English weather, this baby will definitely bring a ray of sunshine to Kate and William’s day when he or she finally arrives.

This baby will be the firth in the line for the British throne, knocking down Prince Harry, 32, to sixth place. Sorry, Harry! However, he didn’t seem too disappointed in getting pushed back a spot when it comes to the crown. “Fantastic. Great. Very, very happy for them,” he said when asked about his new niece or nephew, per The Guardian. When asked about Kate, Harry said, “I haven’t seen her for a while but I think she’s okay.”

Hopefully, she is. This royal baby announcement was likely made on Sept. 4 after Kate was forced to cancel an engagement due to hyperemesis gravidarum, or extreme morning sickness. The condition, which Kate struggled with while pregnant with both George and Charlotte, requires supplementary hydration, medication and nutrients. The condition usually begins between four and seven weeks into a pregnancy, it can really begin at any time before the 12-week mark.

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