Kamal Mohammed mocks Zack Gh on social media for inapproprietion

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Hip-hop,Hip-life and Afro-pop artist, ,Zack Gh has come attack following his recent appearance on social media.

In a short video which made waves on Facebook ,Zack Gh was seen to have misapproporiate  the gender of a lady  when he  referred to her  as “her”, an utterance which has come under a lot of attack.

A UK-base artist, Kamal Mohammed popularly known as  De Young Cissey has mocked  Zack for misappropriating the lady’s gender in a video released on his social media page .

According to the story,Zack Gh brought a video out revealing  his new track titled *QUICK TO JUDGE* in which instead of saying father and his Daughter ,he mistakenly said father and her Daughter which has brought a lot of controversies on  social media.

Zack Gh in a reaction said the artists’ behaviour   was unfortunate and that Jamal could have approach him personally as a brother to draw his attention instead of taking to social media to put him in bad light in the public.

Zack Gh is  a manager,actor and musician and has done a lot of songs including Any33mi,Bobi, Zack GH and Top Kay- I don’t think Far Remix among others.

Source: eijmedianetwork.com


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