I never compromised my integrity in my journey to stardom – Fella Makafui


Actress Fella Makafui has said that she’s never compromised her integrity in her struggle to become who she is today.

There have been stories of the actress exchanging sex for whatever that she owns today.

But in a post to celebrate herself, the Yolo star mentioned that regardless of the fact that she has been pulled down on several occasions, she continues to move higher.

he said “They tried to stop her, but they failed miserably. They overlooked her, tried to discourage her, and sabotage her, but she persevered through it all with her head held high. They talked behind her back and plotted against her, but they didn’t realize that they were messing with an unstoppable, resilient Black Queen. She’s ambitious, intelligent, self-confident, and bold. She’s a Phenomenal Black Queen that didn’t have to compromise her integrity to get ahead. She’s genuinely happy, successful, and free to be herself. She can, she does, she wins!!!!!! She is Fella Makafui !!!”.


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