Ghanaian companies are stingy; they only ask for dinner dates – Yvonne Nelson

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Celebrated actress Yvonne Nelson has criticized corporate Ghanaian companies, describing them as stingy.

Speaking on the ‘Atuu’ show on UTV, the actress revealed some of her struggles when it comes to dealing with corporate Ghana.

She said some corporate Ghanaian companies are stingy and only ask for dinner or lunch dates when she goes seeking for sponsorship for her projects.

The actress said most of these companies are usually interested in going out with her, rather than in the proposals she brings before them.

“Ghanaian companies are stingy. They will only waste your time,” Yvonne Nelson told host Abeiku Santana.

“You will take your proposal on several occasions and in the end, they ask you, can we go out? Can we have dinner?”

This, she described as a waste of her time since dinner and lunch dates are not part of the business proposal.

To this end, Yvonne Nelson said, she doesn’t entertain such stuff.

“I didn’t come to your office to have dinner with you. I came to do business. You don’t entertain stuff like that,” she added.

Yvonne Nelson is out with her first movie production, titled “Sin City” which will be premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas on Valentine’s Day.

Watch her full interview below: 


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