Cecilia Marfo Sleep With Other Men In The Presence Of Her Husband – Associate Pastor, Gideon, tells Cecilia Marfo

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Gospel musician also the founder and leader of Osorie Fie Conference Center, Cecilia Marfo, was recently in the news when police rushed to her prayer camp after one Mr. Bright asked the police to accompany him to pick up his properties out from her church as he decided to discontinue himself from Cecilia Marfo’s church. Mr Bright made such decision when realized she is not a Christlike as he thought of her.

As adepanews.com in following up with the musician’s case, another audio pops up said to be the voice of Cecilia Marfo’s associate pastor, Mr. Gideon, who is in disagreement with her due to her way of conducting her spiritual practice of worship at her church.

Gideon parted himself from Cecilia Marfo’s church after finding her way of worship to be changing  from her early days of the church practices which leads to contradicts to the practice of Christianity. Parting his way from her church, the associate pastor in an audio says Cecilia Marfo is spreading false information about him. He called Cecilia Marfo to warn her to stop sending out false information about him or else he will expose her.

Listening to the audio, he discontinue attending the church because because after attending her church for several years, he came to find that the Cecilia is a witch and operating under demonic spirit ” you are a marine spirits, you went to Kumasi program to slap Brother Sammy for he is occult, meanwhile you committed adultery against your husband not less than one month and continues to sleep with other men in the presence of her husband. So I beg you, stop spoiling my name”.

The associate pastor also added that, the gospel musician have used evil spirit to over come some gospel musicians in the music industry to over shadow majority of them in a way of destroying their music career in order for them to be not able to come above her.

In adding that, Cecilia some time ago have written names of some gospel musicians in a 50 Ghana cedis note, chanted in tongues and buried the money under ground as a form of those people to be unable to success in their gospel music career. ” I went to remind you Brother Sammy’s name was in it, Gifty Osei’s name in it , Ohemaa Mercy, Diana Asamoah, and you say you are woman of God , Selina Boateng, a lot of name .  

Concluded, the gospel musician also as a Prophetess, do not practice what she preach. She is a representative of the demonic world leading followers to the Satanic kingdom.

Source: adepanews.com 


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