Funeral Home Takes Pastor Lukau To Court Over Fake Miracle Of The Dead Man Rising

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It seems many African Prophets and Pastors are hired by God to complete the miracles that Jesus Christ was unable to perform on earth before ascending to heaven. Head Pastor of Alleluia Ministries International Church, North of Joburg, Prophet Alph Lukau, base in South Africa is trending in the news and on social medial, over a video of him claiming to have raised a Zimbabwean man from the dead, on Sunday the 24th of February 2019. Which is leading many people to question the act and also forcing a funeral home to take legal action against him.


A DEAD man came back to LIFE in this service. I speak a RESURRECTION miracle in your life. Youtube Link SUNDAY SERMON PASTOR ALPH LUKAU | 2ND SERVICE | 24 Feb 2019 AMI LIVESTREAM

Posted by Alph Lukau on Sunday, February 24, 2019

King and Queens Funeral home Service, whose vehicle was hired as a convey for the funeral is said to have taken legal actions over the Prophet for causing damage to their image. According to their statement, they would like to distance themselves from the resurrection of the deceased man by the Alleluia Ministries International church, who was allegedly at their mortuary.  They added they did not supply the coffin neither did they store the deceased at their mortuary plus there was not paper work documented by their funeral home.  ” As a Funeral Services Provider we do not offer services without documentation neither do we repatriate bodies without any paperwork”.

We are in the process of taking legal action for this malicious damage to our image. To all our beloved clients and prospective clients, thank you for the continued support during this confusing time.

We continue to strive for excellence as your preferred funeral services provider that offers a service that give you honor, dignity and comfort.”

So the man was not dead. Where did God ask our disturbing Pastors to help him in doing his job ?

Posted by Nana Konadu BerimaTweneboakodua on Monday, February 25, 2019

The genesis of the story:

While miracles were going on inside the church, a hearse pulls up outside, with weeping family members in tow.

Lukau is called outside to tend to the mourners, who’ve brought a deceased man in a coffin. He’d allegedly been dead since Friday.

Some minutes later, the coffin is opened, with thousands of eyes now watching, Lukau lays his hands on the dead man in a white suit named Elliot, prays and boom! – the man is brought back to life.

The congregants and Elliot’s family lose it. A miracle has happened right before their eyes and in broad daylight.

A clip of the ‘miracle’ is posted on social media, sending users into a frenzy over the authenticity of this alleged act of God wrought through the hands of a ‘man of God’.



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